Thinking of planting some trees in your Sioux Falls yard anytime soon? You should probably tap the breaks and do a little homework before you start the project.

The city of Sioux Falls instituted a tree ordinance in 2018 that has some strict definitions on the distance and amount of trees residents can have within the parking strip of their yard.

Bryan Peterson, the Urban Forestry Specialist for the city of Sioux Falls told Dakota News Now, "The city requires 30 feet from a corner, 10 feet from driveways that are so that traffic has visibility. The 40-foot spacing rule, that is so that we have large trees that are the healthiest that they can possibly be, and there’s less competition for those trees”.

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What is meant by competition for trees?

According to Dakota News Now, tree owners need to think about what their trees are gonna look like 20, 30, or 40 years down the road. Is there going to be enough available soil for them to grow? If you plant too many of them are they going to be competing and start heaving up sidewalks and cause safety issues? Then there's the issue of not having trees hanging over your driveway creating visibility issues.

These are all things people need to keep in mind before planting.

Before you even think about planting a tree, you need to first obtain a permit from the city. Dakota News Now says this can be done a few different ways, residents can either visit the city center in Downtown Sioux Falls or apply for a permit online through the city’s website. Once you submit your application, and it is approved, the city will send someone to your home to inspect your property.

When you request a permit, it also enrolls homeowners in an incentive program that allows them to receive money off their tree or trees for aiding in the city’s goal of creating an urban forest.

Residents are also encouraged to reach out to their neighborhood association to see what grants are available to help cover the cost of planting trees in their area.

You can visit this website to better understand all the different aspects of the Sioux Falls tree ordinance.

Source: Dakota News Now

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