Even the Griswolds themselves would be impressed with this record.

A retired Iowa couple reached an amazing amusement park milestone this past summer. Tom and Margaret Wuggazer rode the Legend Roller Coaster at Arnolds Park Amusement Park in Okoboji, Iowa exactly 1,000 times throughout the course of the summer of 2023.

Dakota News Now reports the Wuggazers started counting their roller coaster rides once Arnold's Park opened for the season back in May.

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They wrapped up their record-setting 1000th ride on Sunday, September 3rd.

One thing is for certain, the Iowa couple loves themselves some roller coasters! Dakota News Now reports that according to an article in the Des Moines Register, last year, the Wuggazers took a cruise on the Legend Roller Coaster over 600 times during the summer of 2022.

Evidently, the two must have some really strong stomachs because the couple bested their previous roller coaster ride record by nearly 400 this season.

Dakota News Now says Arnolds Park Amusement Park celebrated the milestone by making a special sign for the Iowa couple and sharing a bunch of photos on social media.

Of course, many Sioux Falls residents visit Arnold's Park every summer given that Okoboji is just a little more than an hour and a half away from Sioux Falls. So chances are you've probably ridden, or are at least familiar with the Legend Roller Coaster yourself. If so, you know it's not the biggest amusement park roller coaster out there, but it is an entertaining one nonetheless.

A ride on the Legend takes roughly 80 seconds to complete, so if you run the math, the Wuggazers spent over 22 hours riding the Legend Coaster this past summer.

Let's see you beat that record, Clark W. Griswold!

Congrats to the Wuggazers on quite the accomplishment.

Source: Dakota News Now 

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