Some people applaud it, others have been dogging it, but, regardless of which side of the political fence you land on, there's no denying it's generating the results she was hoping for.

I'm talking about South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's "Freedom Works Here" television, digital marketing, and direct mail workforce recruitment campaign.

You've more than likely seen the ads all over television, you know the ones where Noem is dressed up like a dentist, a plumber, a welder, etc.

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All the various ads are part of a nationwide campaign aimed to help lure workers from other states to South Dakota to bolster our employee base.

In the "Freedom Works Here" commercials, Noem highlights the benefits of living and working in South Dakota. She cites examples like low unemployment, no personal state income tax, great quality of life, competitive compensation, easy access to childcare, and all the different job opportunities the state has to offer.

Her message is definitely being received. According to Dakota News Now, over 3,500 people from all over the country have already applied.

Noem told Dakota News Now, 675 of those individuals are now in the final stages of moving to South Dakota right now.

There have been applicants throwing their hats in the ring from practically every single state in the nation. Dakota News Now reports the bulk of these freedom-loving folks in search of better opportunities have been applying from California (603), Texas (260), Florida (245), Minnesota (208), and New York (148).

Noem plans to tout the success of her "Freedom Works Here" campaign during an announcement to be held at Falls Park in Sioux Falls on Thursday (July 27) at 10 AM.

Source: Dakota News Now

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