Call me crazy but I don't think size has a whole lot to do with how fun something is. But apparently, when it comes to judging how fun a city is, size is a major consideration.

That must be why Wallet Hub's latest study of the "Most Fun Cities in America" was limited to the 182 largest cities in the country. Thankfully Sioux Falls and Rapid City made the cut!

That's right, both of South Dakota's largest cities are apparently fun places to visit, hang out, and live in! But again, this doesn't mean that Mitchell, or Watertown, or Yankton, or Baltic, for that matter, aren't really fun places to be -- it just means they're not big enough for this particular study to consider them.

How was this determined? Well, Wallet Hub rounded up all sorts of statistics about the country's largest 182 cities and then distilled all the numbers down to determine who was at the top of the pile - -Las Vegas was #1. Big surprise, right?

And who landed at the bottom? Pearl City, Hawaii.

What constitutes a fun city? For this Wallet Hub study it was A) Entertainment events, B) Nightlife & Parties, and C) The cost of all this fun.

When they were done crunching numbers, the most fun cities in Iowa were - Des Moines at 108 and Cedar Rapids at 138.

The most fun cities in Minnesota were - Minneapolis at 40 and St. Paul at 92.

Rapid City came in 84th and Sioux Falls was 100.

But I'm still rooting for places like Le Mars, Chamberlain, and Ely.

To see this complete study go to Wallet Hub.

Source: Wallet Hub

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