It's one of those Sioux Falls traditions that just gets bigger every year! The Kingswood Rummage Sales "are the largest organized rummage sale event in South Dakota". This year there are over 300 rummage sales.

Believe it or not, this frenzied shopping experience has been going on for 47 years now in the Kingswood Homes area. The Kingswood area is defined as Southwest Sioux Falls from I-29 on the east and the Tea-Ellis Road on the west, 12th Street on the north, and 57th Street on the south.

NEED TO KNOW: Kingswood Rummage Sales 2024 LISTINGS

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You can organize your shopping adventure by using the maps they have on their website. Plus you can even do some pre-shopping by checking out what each listed rummage sale will have.

So no matter what you might be looking for from golf clubs to Christmas lights, 80s & 90s toys, furniture, artwork, clothing, jewelry, tools, housewares, and even pet items- -you're likely to find something you'll really enjoy.

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ingswood Rummage Sales in Sioux Falls

If you check out Kingswood Rummage Sales, you'll even find "Garage Sale Survival Tips". And you really might need them with 350 rummage sales!

The Kingswood Rummage Sales are going on now (May 1), through Saturday, May 4, 2024.

Individual days and times may apply to each sale and you can get that info on the Listings page on their website.

For more information, including a list of charities that you could donate items to, instead of throwing your own rummage sale just see Kingswood Rummage Sales.

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