Speeding, we've all done it a time or two, or three, in our lives. Some of us, a few times more than that throughout our driving careers.

Let's face it, we all have places to go, and not enough time to get there most days. On occasion, you just need to press the skinny pedal to the metal, right?

The question becomes, how far can you push that pedal before the po-po is lighting you up in your rearview mirror?

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Honestly, is there no worst feeling than to be cruising along down the highway in your own little world jamming to some tunes, only to spot a highway trooper in the ditch and then discover you're doing 15+ mph over the speed limit? Can you say busted? Or are you?

How far can you exceed the speed limit in South Dakota before getting a dreaded speeding violation?

According to Mr. Speeding Ticket.com, the state of South Dakota has two main speeding laws that must be followed, they are, Absolute Limits and Basic Speeding Law.

The majority of speeding violations a person can receive will fall under those two speeding law categories.

Absolute speed Limit:

You are breaking the "absolute" speed limit law whenever you exceed the posted limit.  For instance, it's generally 15 mph in school zones when children are present. 25-30 mph on city-side streets. 55 to 65 mph on South Dakota roads and highways, and 80 mph on South Dakota interstates.

Basic Speeding Law:

You are in violation of the "basic" speeding law whenever you are driving at an unreasonable speed in certain conditions. Mr. Speeding Ticket describes it this way. Let's say you are following the recommended speed limit posted, however, the weather conditions at the time might require you to drive at a reduced speed for your safety, and the safety of others. I.E. (heavy rain, snow-packed, icy roads, etc.) You could be issued a violation, in this case, should you get caught driving at the posted speed but in a reckless manner.

What are the consequences of speeding in South Dakota?

Well, that varies greatly. It can range from anywhere from $85.00 for getting caught just going 1 to 5 mph over the speed limit all the way up to $200.00 for traveling 26+ mph over the posted limit.

Hopefully, the officer involved is in a forgiving mood the day you get pulled over.

Regardless of the amount, I have a feeling it will be enough to ruin your day. Then you'll have to eventually suffer the consequences of an insurance rate hike. Time to open up your wallet again!

Oh yeah, one more thing to keep in mind, fines are always doubled should you get busted for speeding inside a construction zone. So as they say, give 'em a break!

What it all boils down to is, if you're a lead foot, you probably are gonna need to keep your attorney on speed dial, no pun intended.

Good luck, and do your best to try and drive safe everyone.

Source: Mr. Speeding Ticket

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