Make sure you're paying attention the next time you're driving around the drunkest cities in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. It might be dangerous!

There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks every once in a while. But drinking too much can be serious. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that one in six American adults excessively drink at one event alone. If you have five or more drinks, then this would be binge drinking.

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New surveys from 24/7 Tempo and 24/7 Wall St. recently "reviewed the percentage of men and women over 18 who reported heavy or binge drinking in each state’s metropolitan areas, then singled out the city or metropolitan area with the highest rate." The surveys also collected data from the 2023 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.

So what are the drunkiest cities in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa?

The drunkest city in South Dakota is...Rapid City.

Dakota News Now
Dakota News Now

24/7 Tempo and 24/7 Wall St say that countywide driving deaths that involve alcohol are the 5th worst in the country. Adults who drink excessively in the city are over 20%. 

The drunkest city in Minnesota is a little bit surprising. Duluth is considered the drunkest city in the state.

Duluth, Minnesota Lift Bridge-LIKE HE
Duluth, Minnesota Lift Bridge-LIKE HE

24/7 Tempo and 24/7 Wall St explain adults who drink excessively in the city are over 24%. This exceeds Minnesota's limit. The state percentage is 21.5%.

Last but not least...where is the drunkest city in Iowa? Experts say it's the town of Dubuque. 

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Adults who drink excessively in Dubuque are over the state's limit. The residents in Dubuque who drink excessively are at 27.4%. Iowa sits at 24.7%. Dubuque is the second-highest drunkest city...yikes. 

The Midwest is known to have a good time. But make sure you're being responsible when you're drinking! They can lead to serious consequences.

Do you agree with the cities on the list?

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