Each morning when we wake up on a Monday, we're usually ready to conquer a new week and the challenges we may encounter. One Sioux Falls family will be facing a lot of tough days ahead after their home was destroyed by a massive fire.

The Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and our new partners at Dakota News Now are reporting a structure fire that occurred on East Harmony Street in southeast Sioux Falls. The brave first responders arrived at the scene around 2:40 PM.

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A press release from the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue details how the firefighters approached the "heavy" flames and smoke. The good news? There was one minor civilian injury and no first responders were hurt.

The first arriving company discovered a heavy body of flames and smoke from the attached garage of a single-family home. Fire suppression efforts began immediately and the home-owner related that all persons and animals had escaped the home. Crews focused on extinguishing a fire that had consumed the entirety of the attached garage and extended partially into the home. Fire suppression efforts continued for some time, as did efforts to ensure that there was no further fire extension.

In total four fire trucks, three support vehicles, and 18 personnel responded to the call on Monday afternoon. The fire is still under investigation. As a reminder, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue wants to inform residents about the "importance of working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as establishing and practicing, escape plans." More details about this developing story can be found here.

I come from a family of first responders, especially firefighters in the Chicago Fire Department. My Uncle Mark and Uncle Bobby on my mom's side are some of my biggest role models. Before they retired, my uncles were saving lives on a daily basis. They're just some of the best people I know.

So thank you to the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue teams for keeping Sioux Falls residents safe! We can't thank you enough for your dedicated service.

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