Do you remember when you earned your first library card? The excitement you had knowing that you could check-out any book you wanted? It's truly a milestone for kids.

Checking out library books was always a treat for kids. However, sometimes they forget about returning books back so other kids can enjoy them. Adults even forget to return a library book every now and then. The consequence? The dreaded overdue library book fee. Well good news readers! Siouxland Libraries are eliminating book fines!

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In an exclusive interview with our friends at Pigeon605, Monique Christensen of the Siouxland Libraries says this fee can be stressful for lower-income families. This and "other reasons" is why the Siouxland Libraries in Sioux Falls and its branches across Minnehaha County will no longer implement an overdue book fee beginning Thursday, December 1st. The Siouxland Libraries board also agreed to cancel any remaining unpaid fees. If you didn't know, Siouxland Libraries "quietly removed overdue fees from children’s books in 2012 and from teen books in 2020." This rule now applies to all library books.  “It will be good for the community. We want our community to have access. Studies show it’s not effective having a fine. People are embarrassed … they think, oh, I might as well keep the book," explains Monique Christensen of the Siouxland Libraries.

This is not the first South Dakota library system to remove overdue fees. Yankton Public Library stopped overdue fees "several years ago." The  Edith B. Siegrist Vermillion Public Library board voted to stop overdue fees this past February. It was in effect a few weeks after the vote.

More details about Siouxland Libraries stopping overdue book fees can be found here. Don't forget: You can get the latest Sioux Falls news when you "adopt a pigeon" with Pigeon 605.

Birthday Freebies You Can Get at Sioux Falls Businesses

We've added even MORE birthday freebies from Sioux Falls businesses.

Everyone loves free stuff, especially on your birthday. Most of the freebies require you to sign up for their rewards program, e-mail list, or mobile app, so make sure you plan ahead. Some of the offers are good just on your birthday, while others are good for a week or longer.

Of course, this is just a small list. There are many more businesses that offer free stuff for your birthday right here in Sioux Falls. You just need to ask! Or, choose your favorite business, check out their website, and sign up for their e-mail club. All offers are subject to change at any time. Call ahead or check their website for more details.

*List updated 1/4/2022 - Individual businesses may change their policies at any time.

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