You might think that the fountain of youth is a myth, but if you look close enough, it can be found right here in the Mount Rushmore State.

Certain types of water have been long thought to have healing powers for the human body. And there's one spot in South Dakota where you can see for yourself just how much these mystical waters can help. As long as you're willing to take a plunge.

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Where Is South Dakota's Fountain of Youth?

That's right, Hot Springs, South Dakota. The area in and around the town of Hot Springs has been an asset to those who live there for centuries.

Originally, the Native Americans living on the land considered it sacred. The region around Hot Springs was inhabited by both the Lakota and Cheyenne Tribes.

Not only is Hot Springs home to Evan's Plunge (See Above Video), but it's also where the world-famous Mammoth Site is located. The site was originally discovered in the 1970s and a number of mammoths have been unearthed since.

Hot Springs is also known as the "Gateway to the Black Hills", as it straddles the southern edge of the region. It's definitely not a bad place for a starting point when you're planning your summer vacation plans.

For more information on Hot Springs tourism and everything, this little gem of a town has to offer, check out the City of Hot Springs website.

10 Wild South Dakota Snowstorms

Even though snow is blanketing the Sioux Empire, some snowstorms still do not compare to these ten dreadful snowstorms that hit South Dakota.

Only In Your State highlighted ten snowstorms in South Dakota as a reminder for people to always be aware of the road during the winter. South Dakotans are well aware of the fact that the state’s winters can be harsh which is why it is always a good idea to plan ahead and prepare for the worst.

Do you remember any major snowstorms that hit South Dakota?

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