Runaway June singer Natalie Stovall is home after spending 15 days in the hospital. On social media, she details a series of frightening medical procedures that resulted in a blood transfusion, NG tube and 13 days without eating.

Stovall thought she was just having three grapefruit-sized fibroids removed when she went in on Jan. 9. Doctors took out 20 of them instead. The invasive surgery meant significant blood loss.

"I ended up getting a blood transfusion, but by that time I already had a bowel obstruction that was wreaking havoc on my insides," she shares. "After days of hoping for the best I ended up having to have an NG tube for 4-5 days. (For those that know, I’m so sorry you know)."

This procedure is known as a myomectomy, and it's considered major surgery. Stovall says doctors left a few fibroids with just minimize incisions. She didn't eat for nearly two weeks and is still struggling.

"I’ve never been this weak before — I get out of breath just talking," she writes, "And eating Ensure and eggs is so painful."

Alongside the story of her journey, Stovall shares eight pictures from her time in the hospital. She says she's on the road to recovery and is grateful for support and prayers.

  • Natalie Stovall joined Runaway June in 2020, replacing Hannah Mulholland
  • In 2022, Stevie Woodward replaced founding member Naomi Cooke
  • Jennifer Wayne is the group's only remaining original member

In addition to being part of Runaway June, Stovall is a host of the Grand Ole Opry and the Southern Weekend on Circle All Access. Formerly she fronted Natalie Stovall and the Drive.

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