Lainey Wilson is set to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry after a surprise invitation from Reba McEntire during the Season 25 finale of The Voice.

Her induction date has been set for June 7, and while the country singer's childhood dream is coming true, it was the person who presented her with the honor that made the moment extra special.

Lainey Wilson Surprised With Grand Ole Opry Invitation on The Voice

"It is so crazy that you're asking me to be a member because I look up to you so much," Wilson said to McEntire with conviction. "I'm not talking about just musically, but the way that you carry yourself and your work ethic. You inspire me every day."

The two shared a warm embrace and the "Fancy" singer was heard saying, "I love you."

"I've heard that I've inspired you and I am thrilled to death if I had anything to do with your career," McEntire said before presenting Wilson with her invitation. "You are blowing it up."

"I was so proud of you at the ACMs the other night and I couldn't be more proud to be the one that helps you continue to bridge the gap between our generations," she continued.

The Voice shared the big moment on social media and congratulated Wilson on her honor. The Grammy-winning singer was quick to respond in the comments.

"Somebody pinch me," she writes. "This is the moment little Lainey dreamed about ever since her first trip to Nashville."

To make things even more memorable, the "Hang Tight Honey" hitmaker also had her family in the audience for the show. Her parents Brian and Michelle Wilson, sister Janna and her husband Taylor were all on hand, and one of Wilson's nephews was in attendance as well.

"My family is over here tonight," she says as the camera pans to her cheering crowd. "They took me to Nashville when I was nine years old, and we went to the Grand Ole Opry. We saw Bill Anderson and Crystal Gayle and Little Jimmy Dickens and I knew that I wanted to play there — I wanted to do it."

Lainey Wilson's family in the studio audience for the season 25 finale of The Voice

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