Jelly Roll captivated the crowd as he performed an unreleased track called "I Am Not OK" during the Season 25 finale of The Voice. The song is likely to resonate with anyone who has been through a tough time in their life.

What Is Jelly Roll's Song "I Am Not OK" About?

As the title would suggest, "I Am Not OK" is about recognizing that you're not yourself when things are hard. In life, we are bound to face trials and this song gives us permission to feel how we're feeling without judgement.

There's also a message of hope as the lyrics point to better days ahead. Like Gary Allan said, "Every storm runs out of rain."

Here are the Lyrics to Jelly Roll's Song "I Am Not OK"

Verse 1:

I am not OK I'm barely getting by / I'm losing track of days I'm losing sleep at night / I am not okay I'm hanging on the rails / So if I say I'm fine just know I learned to hide it well


I know I can't be the only one who's holding on for dear life / But I know God knows when it's all said and done / I'm not okay, but it's all gonna be alright / It's not OK, but we're all gonna be alright

Verse 2:

I woke up today I almost stayed in bed / I had the devil on my back voices in my head / Some days it all ain't bad some days it all gets worse / Some days I swear I'm better off laying in the dirt

Repeat Chorus

Gonna be alright (x2)


I know one day we'll see the other side / The pain will wash away in a Holy Water tide / And we all gonna be alright

Repeat Chorus

I'm not OK and it's alright

Is Jelly Roll Working on a New Album?

Jelly Roll is in the midst of working on a new album following his 2023 Whitsitt Chapel. He recently visited with Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul revealing the Whitsitt Chapel era is coming to an end and why he's never felt more inspired to be working on a new album.

"Man, there's a lot of storytelling on this album," he shares. "I wrote probably a hundred and something songs last year — maybe 150+ — trying to figure this album out."

"I've never been so inspired though. I was getting so many stories. People were pouring into me," he continues. "I'm at gas stations and red carpets, and I'm hearing life stories from people — really inspiring stories. I never wrote more."

The "Save Me" singer stopped short of confirming a title or release date for the new project.

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Jelly Roll has taken the country music world by storm over the past year, and he will release his first full-length country album, Whitsitt Chapel, on June 2. Before he jumps right into the deepend of the genre, let's take a walk down memory lane. There are 11 songs that seemed to foreshadow his country music career.