Teachers in America often have to purchase essential supplies for their classrooms out of their own pockets. It has been an ongoing issue in America for many years and seems to be one that will continue to be a problem -- and that's why Chris Lane is in awe of what he just found out his wife, Lauren Bushnell, did for a group of teachers in need.

Lane hopped on Instagram on Wednesday (July 19) and commended his wife in a sweet video message. He said, “My wife’s going to murder me for making this video because she never wants any acknowledgment ever, but I want to give some.”

"Last night I jumped into bed and was just looking over her shoulder, and I saw her clearing Amazon Wishlist for tons of teachers," the singer continues, "and I just found that to be the sweetest thing in the entire world.”

He captioned the video,

"Having a proud husband moment as i do often but wanted the world to know how lucky I am."

As he is sitting in his truck filming himself, he was overcome with joy. “And I’m not surprised because I feel like she’s constantly always trying to help somebody," Lane went on to say. "Just has the sweetest soul, sweetest heart, and I just feel like the luckiest man in the world that I was able to marry such a sweet soul. And I wanted y’all to know.”

The comment section has a lot of celebrities as well as teachers commending Lauren.

@sarah_connollyy writes, "She cleared my list and I couldn’t be more grateful for her"

@katienelson78 writes, "She cleared my list! It means more to me and my sweet second graders than she probably realizes. She truly has the best heart"

Chris' wife, the subject of the video, then chimed in with a comment of her own. @laurenlane writes, "me texting you to bring me wallet so I could do more but still be in bed  love you so much this made me cry."

Chris Lane is currently out on the road doing shows, and has dates scheduled all the way through November 2023.

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