There's a pretty good chance next time you go try and get a refill at McDonald's that they'll ask you to pay. That didn't used to be the case, but changes are taking places at the fast food chain.

McDonald's will slowly start. phasing out of their self-serve stations for soft drinks. They also told their restaurant owners they could decide whether or not to charge for refills at their locations. Each McDonald's has their own individual owner/operator.

Say goodbye to self-serve soda fountain stations.

A representative for McDonald's told Business Insider about the changes. The self-serve stations will be retired by 2032, and they will be replaced with an automated soft drink station.

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Customers who would want a refill now would have to go to the counter. Depending on the location's policy, you might be paying for that 2nd drink.

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"It's the end of an era."

Getting rid of the self-serve station upset many McDonald's fans. I remember when I was a kid, we'd mix different flavors together and come up with our own creations.

McDonald's has changed a lot over the years. They lead the fast-food industry and when they make changes, competitors take notice. Business experts believe the company's policy on drinks will be the new normal as other restaurants will follow.

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It might be a good thing.

Have you ever been to a self-serve station at a busy McDonald's? I've seen some pretty gross soda machines and paper straws everywhere. The floor gets sticky from spilled soda and it can be gross. Eliminating

What's McDonald's saying?

McDonald's did say on their website that the decision to remove the soda fountains was made for multiple reasons.

  • food hygiene
  • safety
  • consistent experience for both customers and crew across all ordering points.

What do you think? With the price of fast food skyrocketing, is this going to affect your decision on where you spend your money?

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