It barely September. Weather is still bringing us 80s in South Dakota. If you walk into Costco here in Sioux Falls you'll walk right past the racks of hanging Halloween costumes and end up in front of big, brightly decorated, lit up, artificial Christmas Trees.

Don't get me wrong, I love the holiday season. But is this a bit early to be thinking about buying this year's Christmas decorations?

Some folks over on Twitter think so too. People are posting there own pictures and comments about all Yuletide adornments. For example:

Brandon McMillan: “Costco has Christmas ornaments for sale. It is September already!

Michael Abdelmalek: “Saw Christmas stuff in Costco today. You know, might as well be Christmas” already.

Mike Holliday: “Christmas Trees in Costco on September 1. It's just wrong!”

Nancy Pettie: “Today is the oneth of September, for many, it is the first day of school and the local Costco warehouse has Christmas trees in stock.”

I guess to each his own, but for me, I refuse to buy anything Christmasy until my South Dakota tan has turned totally pasty white. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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