It's being reported that Toys R Us is considering a total liquidation. In other words, that means they're looking at closing all their stores across the entire country - even the one here in Sioux Falls. Nothing is "official" yet, but the news is being reported by all the major news outlets.

You may remember just this past fall it was announced that Toys R Us was closing 20% of their 800 stores. In fact, the Rapid City store was one of those shut down. Now it sounds as though the rest of the stores could very well be on the chopping block.

Toys R Us has been struggling to dig out from a boatload of debt, trying to stay competitive just like other retailers. They were hoping that the holiday season would turn things around - but apparently that wasn't the case.

I realize brick-and-mortar stores close everyday all across this country, but the fact that a toy store - A TOY STORE - can't make it, that really is disheartening. If anyone should be able to survive, I would think it would be a toy store.

Maybe it's the innocence of a toy store, or the fact the my kids loved to go there when they were young, but I feel like we're losing a big part of who we are with all the Toys R Us stores possibly closing. It really is a sad day.

Is it because more consumers are ordering things on line (toys included) or the fact that kids are now playing more video games? I don't know. Maybe it's a combination of a bunch of different things. All I know is the news bums me out!!!

Thanks for the memories Toys R Us. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Source: ABC News

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