Ladies, take it easy on your man today (June 22) because it's National It's a Guy Thing Day. It's the one day each year we celebrate all the stupid things us guys do - and we do a lot!!!

Guys are notorious for doing dumb things - things that we don't necessarily see as being dumb, but yet women can't understand why we would do such a thing.

And one of the biggest things us guys do that drive women nuts - we don't listen. I wish I had dollar for everytime my wife asked me if I heard what she just said.

Granted, there are those men who choose to not hear what their wife or girlfriend has to say. But then there are others (like me) who are just easily distracted.

So ladies, how can you celebrate today? Well, how about by not complaining and just accepting us for who we are - the dumb guy you married "for better or worse."

If we leave the toilet seat up then just put it back down and have a seat. If we don't ask for directions then just say, "That's fine. I wanted to get lost today anyway."

Or, you can complain about every stupid thing your guy does today, which will just fall on deaf ears - because as we all know, guys don't listen!!!

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