Here's a question I bet you've never been asked.

What do these people have in common: Former United States Senator Joseph Bottum, Director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College Gabor Boritt, Dallas County Medical Examiner at the time of the John Kennedy assassination Earl Rose, Professor of Economics at Harvard Alvin Hanson. Oh, and former National Football League star Lyle Alzado?

Well, they all attended Yankton College, home of the Greyhounds.

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Wait...what? Where?

If you're not familiar with Yankton College you probably moved to the state sometime in the past 35 years or so. Either that or maybe you're just young.

Yes, there was a college in Yankton, South Dakota that proudly carried the name of that town. In fact, founded in 1881, it was the very first institution of higher learning in South Dakota. And it stood tall and proud for over a hundred years, before closing it's doors in December of 1984.

Many of us remember the Greyhounds and their sports teams. Many others may remember attending class at Yankton College. Here's the entire history of the college, and below is a great video. So go ahead and one more time stand up and yell 'Go Greyhounds!'

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