If there's one thing (and there are lots of things) that country music has always loved, it's the trucker's. The men and women who roll the 18-wheelers down the highway, keeping America up and running.

There has been so many truckin' great's through the years, whether it be 'Teddy Bear' by Red Sovine, 'Convoy' by C.W. McCall, 'Roll On 18 Wheeler' by Country Hall  of Famer's Alabama, Kathy Mattea's 'Eighteen Wheels and A Dozen Roses' and...well, on and on and on.

But the number one truckin' classic? The anthem for the over-the-rad crowd? That one that, when you're sittin' in that cab, you just have to reach over and crank up?

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It's from 1963 by the late great Dave Dudley. It's 'Six Days On The Road' (A song so good that Sawyer Brown had a hit with it again in 1997).

The song said it all for the trucker's over 50 years ago, and it still does today. So climb up into the cab, crank it up and away we go!

Dave passed away in 2003 at the age of 75. But he left us with so many great country truckin' classics, including the greatest of all time.