You might say the response was overwhelming. We recently asked where is the best small town pizza? Siara from Humboldt, South Dakota kind of got it started. I said Humboldt was a favorite town of mine and she said, probably because of the Pizza at the Main street Bar. So I thought I'd throw it out there. When I asked the Facebook question 'what small town has the best pizza' I did not specify in the state of South Dakota so we got some from all over the area.

There's something about the celebration of pizza eating. Whether it's getting together for a couple of beers or taking the family out on a Friday night, pizza is popular! Here's a list of some of the more popular places that people rave about,

The first one is a short drive from Sioux Falls. It's the Main Street bar in Humboldt, South Dakota. Siara was  bragging it up the other day on the air and she said "you have to check it out." Then we noticed on Facebook everyone from the Humboldt area chiming and saying she's right!

Charlie's Pizza in Yankton gets a lot of talk but I'm a little too big for a survey. However I do have to check it out because a lot of people say they have the best anywhere! Others that made the list are The Pit in Wakonda, South Dakota where they serve Tuesday only there was mention about sitting on the throne afterwards if you're lucky I don't know if they meant the toilet or if there is a old throne in the facility I think it's in a former hotel. Shooters in Wolsey sounds fun with a place called Big Time Pizza.  DAR'S in Pipestone, Minnesota got a lot of mentions! Pizza King in Brookings, South Dakota  also got quite a few nods but again Brookings is a pretty big town so will try that again some other time.

If you want to travel,  Powderhorn Pizza in Lemmon, South Dakota sounded intriguing. You could probably dine next to the Petrified Wood Forest!  Vitale's in Zeeland, Minnesota and the Pizza Lab in Central City, Nebraska.

Who'd have thought Siara from Humboldt could have started a firestorm of pizza bragging across the region. It just goes to show you don't have to come to the big city for a great piece of pizza.

Now I just have to make it through the rest of my diet and through land and I'll be out and sampling here in a couple of weeks!

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