When I asked this question, Zillow provided the answer. Yup!

At 7,465 square feet, this 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom, 8 garage vision of exquisiteness, can take your breath away and nearly "pop yer eyes outta yer head!"

The second question I ask when I see a home this magnificent, is- -"how much?" This dazzler can be yours for a mere, Three Million, Five Hundred Ninety-Five Dollars!

Yes, $3,595,000. According to Zillow, the home sits on 3.59 acres and your monthly payment would be around $20,000 a month.

The third question I ask about a stunner of this size is, "What do they do for a living, and can I learn how to do it?" Unless it involves brain surgery, financial executive stuff, or rocket science, I'm pretty much up for anything!

My fourth question is - -"Who cleans this beauty?" My guess is the answer would be, if you can afford this place, you can afford to hire a staff to do it.

So- -without any further adieu, this tribute to gorgeousity is currently- -

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