The 4th of July in South Dakota means lots of fireworks! People spend millions of dollars on Independence Day pyrotechnics. If you live in Sioux Falls you will hear lots of pops and bangs leading up to the 4th.

Fireworks are officially offered for sale from June 27 – July 5 and December 28 – January 1. But is it even legal to shoot off fireworks in Sioux Falls? According to

"The use of fireworks within Sioux Falls city limits is illegal. Sioux Falls Ordinance prohibits the use of fireworks within the city limits with the exception of sparklers, snakes, and other fireworks that do not have an audible report, projectile, or launching component. If a police officer observes fireworks being discharged, he or she can issue a citation, which carries a $95 fine."

Also, a reminder that although all sparklers are legal inside of Sioux Falls city limits they are very dangerous. A burning sparkler can burn as hot as 1,800 degrees.

ABC News reports that an estimated 12,900 people suffered fireworks-related injuries last year and of those sparklers accounted for the majority of those injuries.

It can't be said often enough to practice extreme safety when enjoying fireworks during your holiday celebrating. Don't allow kids to shoot fireworks without parental guidance. Make sure and have a garden hose and a bucket of water handy. Be mindful of any house pets and how they will react to loud noises and all the activity and have a Happy 4th of July!

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