Miranda Lambert sings about her favorite dog "Under that live oak,"   buried in the yard. Chris Stapleton sings about a dog he found in a shopping cart that changed his life named Maggie, who he buried on a hill on the farm. Losing a beloved pet is one of the hardest things a person can go through, and what to do with their remains is a question many have to consider after their death.

If you live in an apartment or on shared grounds, obviously you wouldn't consider burying your pet in your shared yard, but homeowners or those who live on farms have the ability to bury their pets on their property. The question is, is it legal to do so?

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Kelly Cordes


When I lost my Great Dane Sampson, I was totally distraught. I held his paw as he was put down and crossed the rainbow bridge. I couldn't think. I couldn't breathe. The Emergency service center that we were at offered burial to me, and so I had a clay imprint of his paw made and I took it home with me, and they disposed of his body. I knew that I didn't have the capability of burying him myself, and it was the best option for me. For some, burying their pets close to their home is very important.


Which leads to the question; Is it legal to bury your dog in your yard in Minnesota?

In most states, you are allowed to bury your pet in your backyard, but there are various regulations for burial depending on what state you live in.

In Minnesota, it IS legal to bury your beloved pet in your yard. But, it has to be buried at a specific depth so scavenging animals can't dig up the remains. According to "Any domestic animal that has died, shall, as soon as reasonably possible, be buried at a depth adequate to prevent scavaging by other animals on the grounds."


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