TikTok has more than just dance videos. It's become a place to post weird and clever food combination videos.

You can check out a British nurse who grates hard-boiled eggs over her Spaghetti with meat sauce. Or find TikTocs of people making boozy Icy Pops with a flat iron. I mean why wouldn't ya?

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They are cutting off the ends of regular Fla-Vor-Ice or other frozen juice pops then adding the booze with candy of choice and sealing the end back up with a flat iron or hair straightener. They say they are very refreshing for relaxing on the beach or just getting liquored up in your backyard.

The latest popular foodie combo online is Ranch Pickles. You open a jar of dill pickles and add a packet of powdered Ranch Dressing mix. You shake it up well and set it back in your refrigerator. You let it sit there for a day or two and then serve 'em up. Word is they're surprisingly tasty.

Some folks have even stepped things up a bit by adding a helping of Tabasco Sauce to the mixture. How adventurous.

And if you like Dill Pickle Ranch Dressing Mix check this out. TikToc and YouTuber snackqween has taken the leftover juice from the Pickle/Ranch combo and added sliced onions to create Dill Ranch Pickled Onions. I don't know what it says about me, but I think it looks pretty good.

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