UPDATE: Brutus tipped the scale at the Virtual Big Boar Contest at a whopping 1356 pounds! That is a LOT of bacon! Thanks to Jeff Grant from Sioux Center News for letting us use these photos, of Brutus!

One thing is certain. Brutus is one big pig. He's huge and getting bigger day by day!

Like an athlete who has had a game canceled because of CORONAVIRUS, Brutus will have to wait till 2021 for the crowds and hoopla of The Iowa State Fair to hopefully take home the prize for the Big Boar Contest.

Brutus makes his comfy home in Sioux County Iowa. Marvin Rietema of Sioux Center and Owen Sandbulte of Carmel, Iowa have been working with Brutus making sure he's comfortable and happy and of course eating every day.

The 2020 Iowa State Far is a no go this year, but they are still having a Virtual Boar Show and we expect to hear shortly how Big Brutus is This Year. Last year this porky porcine tipped the scales at 1188 pounds. He figured to be a 'tough out' at this year's competition. While the show itself has been canceled, the Virtual Show will go on and we'll soon find out how much weight he's put on this past year.

According to Rietema, Brutus got his start at a South Dakota sow unit. He's quite the eater, likes to get his back scratched, and has a penchant for unusual foods. Turns out he has a bit of a sweet tooth and loves Recess Peanut Butter Cups, Watermellon Rines, and his favorite street, marshmallows.

Thanks to Jeff Grant from Sioux Center News for letting us use these photos, of Brutus!

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