More times than I can count we have taken our dog to the local Dairy Queen to get a “Pup Cup”.

I guess this Iowa guy doesn't have a dog so he took his pet cow out to DQ for the same ice cream treat.

Pup Cups are free little bowls of ice cream Dairy Queen gives out to happy little dogs all over the midwest.

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Percy, loves 'em.

Dairy Queen Pup Cup & Percy
Dairy Queen Pup Cup & Percy

But what if you don't have a pet dog to take out for a refreshing summertime treat but you do have a pet cow that might enjoy a little ice cream?

Check out this video of Mason Corkery and his pet bovine Jesup as they go out for a Pup Cup at a DQ in the Waterloo, Iowa area.

Finally...a video with MORE COWBELL!


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