Off the top of my head, I can think of three ways to deal with a nuisance bug on a futon that would not involve leaving people homeless. This guy did not think of one of those.

According to KCCI, a fire at the Gray's Lake Apartments in Des Moines was reportedly caused by one of the residents who tried to light a bug on fire while it was on a futon.

The fire damaged four of the apartments in the building, but because smoke filled up much of the building, an additional three units were evacuated as a precaution. That means the residents of those seven units are now homeless for the time being thanks to the alleged bug-burning pyromaniac.

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The building has a total of 38 units so it could have been much worse. One woman who was allowed to go back in after the fire was out devastated to find out her ceiling collapsed and everything in her apartment was soaked in ash and water.

It isn't the first time fire displaced residents at this complex. A smoldering electrical fire from a bathroom exhaust fan spread to four apartments in a different building in March of 2015.

There was no word on any charges that may be faced by the man who may or may not have started the blaze by trying to light a bug on fire on a futon.

By the way, the three ways I thought of that he could have used to deal with the bug were:

  1. Smash it with his hand/flyswatter/object.
  2. Spray it with bug killer or cleaner (which I've used on ants in the kitchen before).
  3. Do nothing, leave it alone, and don't burn up the building.


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