Rolling a car is never good. Rolling a car and leaving it in the middle of the road is not good either. But walking away from it isn't all bad.

That's what happened to an Iowa man last week, according to 61-year-old Dale Shriver was charged with several counts after he allegedly rolled his 1997 Buick LeSabre a few miles outside of Calumet, drove the car into town after the accident, and then abandoned it in the middle of the intersection of Morse Avenue and North Street.

The car had extensive damage and was leaking fluid. Responding to a call to the O'Brien County Sheriff's Office, a deputy followed the trail of leaking fluid until it ended just outside of town. Continuing on, the deputy eventually found what appeared to be the scene of the accident on 480th Street northeast of Calumet, because there were several items that were thrown from the vehicle and left behind at that scene.

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The deputy went to Shriver's home to talk to him but when he approached, Shriver ran into the house and would not come to the door. The deputy gave up and decided he would try to catch up to him the next day since he didn't appear to be injured.

The next day Shriver went to the hospital.

Eventually, Shriver told law enforcement that he lost control on the gravel road, went into the ditch, rolled the car more than once but didn't know how many exactly, and then drove it into town. He did sustain a few injuries as well, including a few cuts, bruised ribs, and a concussion.

On Saturday he was charged with failure to maintain control of his vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident resulting in an injury, and failure to maintain use of safety belts.



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