It's scary enough being in a tornado in a house, imagine being in your vehicle.

According to KCCI, an Iowa couple's trip to pick up items for their wedding turned into an encounter with a deadly tornado.

Saturday's storms devasted families in Iowa. An EF-4 tornado whirled through Winterset leaving devastation in its wake. One man died protecting his wife, and half of a family including two children perished in the storm. This storm was among some of the worst in the state. Knowing the severity of the storm, imagine being in your vehicle as it's passing!?

KCCI reports that New Market couple Jacob Scott and his fiancee were trying to pick up some items for their wedding when they saw the storm approaching. Scott told KCCI that by the time they thought of what to do, it was already to them. All they could do was pull off to the shoulder on Highway 5 and bear down.

The worst possible things ran through my head... And I'm like, 'Oh no. We're in trouble.' So, we're trying to figure out what to do, and by the time we had it figured out, it was to us."

The storm blew out almost all of the vehicle's windows but thankfully the couple was not harmed. You can see the video from the scary encounter below. Please note there is some NSFW language.

An intense moment for sure, that they will hopefully never have to experience again. You can see more footage from the tornado they encountered below.

These guys did the right thing given their circumstances. Iowa State Patrol Sgt. Alex Dinkla told KCCI that if you find yourself in this situation to buckle up, "be secure in your vehicle, and if you have a blanket or some other object in your vehicle, cover up." Also be sure to cover your head, and get as far away from the windows as you can. More advice on how to stay safe in a tornado is below.

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