Yankton high school basketball fans woke up Saturday morning with the feeling of being robbed.

On Friday night, the O'Gorman Knights were awarded a game-winning buzzer-beating basket that shouldn't have counted at the Class AA State Tournament to defeat Yankton 43-42.

As you can see, the ball is clearly in the hands of the OG player and Yankton should be off to the state championship game.

Instead, O'Gorman gets another crack at a state title while the Yankton players, coaches and fans are wondering what could have been.

Now under the current rules and regulations no one is blaming O'Gorman for benefiting from the call and to be honest, no one should be that mad at the officials because they don't have the resources at their disposal that they should.

We should be blaming the SDHSAA board and those who make the decisions for not being caught up with the technology available in 2019.

South Dakota as a whole gets a bad wrap sometimes for being behind the eight ball when it comes to keeping up with the times in a lot of areas and this is a prime example of that.

When you have the resources of SDPB who does a great job of broadcasting the state tournaments, you should be using their technology to make your product better.

Not having instant replay at the state tournaments is just something that is inexcusable.

Obviously when you are playing regular season games you aren't going to have these kinds of resources, but when you do in a state tournament setting when you are trying to crown a true champion, it seems like a no brainer to use it.

The South Dakota High School Activities Association released a statement on the situation.

Now let's also be clear about something, Dan Swartos the SDHSAA Executive Director doesn't make the rules, he only enforces them.

But because his name is at the top of the release, some will criticize him, while the full blast of the criticism should be placed on the laps of those on the board and those actually making the decisions.

Come on folks, this isn't that hard, figure it out and get with the times.


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