Their motivation is to resist what is currently afoot in Washington. A grass roots group continues to shake up South Dakota politics.

Education is the first step as Katy Hayes of Indivisible 605 wants to build the proper foundation with people who are political fledglings.

“We have a lot of people who have not been politically active in the past and feel really passionate about some of the issues that we’re facing today. It’s getting people used to making phone calls, writing letters and emails to let our representatives (in Congress) know that there are more viewpoints than just one side in South Dakota. They represent us all.”

Philosophically, Hayes and her group want to resist President Trump’s agenda. However, Hayes says citizens on all sides of the political spectrum need to pay attention to how legislation is developed.

“(People don’t realize) the process for passing a bill, going through committee, revisions in the House then reconciliation with the Senate. I’m not surprised that we need that training. We’ve slacked on our job in general of keeping people accountable to what we voted for to what they told us they would do.”

Looking ahead, Hayes and Indivisible 605 is planning events for when Congress is in recess and meet with the delegation face to face when possible. South Dakota’s chapter of Indivisible is one of many groups that make up a nationwide movement.

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