In South Dakota, a majority of the time a Casey's General Store is almost always nearby. And it seems that if pizza is brought up for a dinner suggestion someone always mentions Casey's at least once.

But did you know that down in Texas they have a cult favorite gas station/convenience store that a lot of people like to visit too?

Its called Buc-ee's and it is the Costco of gas stations and convenience stores.

This place when you first walk inside you could smell the freshly baked pecans roasting aroma. (P.S. these are usually the free samples they give out.)

You can buy your weekly supply of meat, fill up your gas tank, and get a Buc-ee's branded fleece throw blanket all under one roof.

I mean this place is huge, gas pumps as far as the eye could see!

Just to put some more perspective into how big these gas stations are, you can fit 22 7-elevens inside of one Buc-ee's.

And people all the way from Canada take road trips just to visit Buc-ee's gas stations along the way.

Feel free to watch two people experience a Buc-ee's for the first time and you'll see what I mean!

Think Sioux Falls would do well with a Buc-ee's? I certainly do!

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