Clint Black sure does have a great sense of humor.  Even the world saw the playful side of Clint Black and his wife, Lisa Hartman-Black on the Fox television series, The Masked Singer.  Well, the fun didn’t stop there for the power country duo.

Apparently, a snowy owl was recently seen in New York City's Central Park.  It is said to be the first snowy owl seen at the park in 130 years.  But just in case there may have been some sort of confusion, Clint Black did confirm that he and Lisa Hartman-Black were not in the Big Apple last week.

If you watched this past season of Fox's The Masked Singer, you already know that the "Snow Owls" were unmasked as Clint Black and Lisa Hartman-Black.  Hence, an explanation as to why Clint was poking fun at a snowy owl making an appearance in Central Park.

Initially, the first clue package from the Snow Owls on The Masked Singer is a bit confusing. Once I heard the voices together, I immediately knew the Snow Owls were legends. They also sounded like they had worked together for quite some time. Once the Snow Owls aimed for the rooftops with their soulful high notes, I instantly was able to identify them; the pair was none other than Clint Black and Lisa Hartman.

Their singing voices really sparkled during one of their last performances as the "Snow Owls."  See for yourself!

Be on the lookout for new music from Clint Black and Lisa Hartman-Black, like this new duet that was recently released from the country pair!

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