Remember some years ago when the boss told you 'The new technology is going to make your job a lot easier'.


I imagine it's happened all through the generations. Whenever something new comes along, life is going to get a whole lot easier. I suppose when trains came, then cars and trucks, then planes and on and on. These things came into the lives of our ancestors and things got a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Except I bet they didn't.

And so when computers and and the latest technology came into the everyday workplace (and everyday it seems like something is being updated and becoming even better!), life would be less stressful. But apparently it hasn't happened that way.

According to a survey done by The Vision Council, roughly half of us consider ourselves workaholics and 53% admitted that, yep, they are definitely stressed out at work.

But hold on just a minute there, cowboy. Just what do they consider a 'workaholic'?

Well, here's how they define it:

Researchers found that worrying about work on an off day, feeling too busy to take a vacation, and checking emails immediately after waking up (something 58 percent of the respondents say they do) were the top three symptoms of suffering from workaholism.

Does that ring a bell with you?

Anyway, take a breather and relax. I gotta run...there's this important deadline here at work and I gotta get it done. See ya.

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