Who ever would have thought a simple little spring could cause so much angst. Less than 6 inches long it's the only hope I have left.

We know who we are. We're the guys that cast stink eye on anyone who goes near our chair without permission. Only special guests are allowed, like my favorite friends or brothers. Heck, maybe I'm like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. I can get pretty territorial when it comes to the chair, so when that little spring broke the other day I was fraught with despair.

You see, it's the little spring that holds the foot rest down, when in the down position. If I don't get it fixed, it's either time for the dump, or breaking down and using a bungee cord!

I'm currently looking for a new spring. Or a new recliner. But the whole ordeal got me wondering. What pictures do you have on your phone, you know, of broke stuff you wish you could fix? After all you, one never knows when they're going to run into a person of knowledge on the subject. 

Come on. I know you have one on your phone right now. I'd love to see them. You can e-mail to me, or just post in the comments on our Facebook post.

JD is a freelance writer for KIKN.com and can be reached at jdcollins@kikn.com.

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