The SCHEELS parking lot was packed this past weekend for The 2018 SCHEELS Hunting Expo.

The popular Dock Dogs competition was part of the two day event, and the high flying four legged friends did not disappoint.

I was a first timer watching this competition, but was not alone at all when it came to people packed in the parking lot enjoying the dog action.

When I first heard of the Dock Dog competition, I assumed it would be hunting dogs I would be watching to see who could land the furthest in the pool.

The range of dog breeds, size, and skill sett was a wide range of awesome.

Plenty of puppies walked around the parking lot, future jumpers checking out the competition.

You had your staple hunting breeds lining up to jump like Labs, and Chesapeake Retrievers, but never discount the little guys in any competition.

The underdogs, no pun intended, well represented by a little white dog I saw who loved leaping off the dock.

German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, even a very large, and athletic Rottweiler participated in the two day event.

Multiple dogs hit over twenty feet in a single leap, trying to beat the Dock Dog record of a thirty one feet!

I am not going to lie I went home, and tried to see if I could get my dog to leap for his favorite toy off my back deck.

I can't tell if he's a future Dock Dog competitor, but I enjoyed it so much I will go back to watch the competition again.

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