Restaurants come and go in Sioux Falls. In order to survive in a city with over 700 restaurants, you need to have good food, decent portions, affordable prices and good service. Without those four key elements, you might not last long.

The Crack'd Pot Restaurant at 1430 North Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls has been in business since 1974, making it one of the longest running restaurants in Sioux Falls. They have all of those key elements.

You don't need to feature mushroom risotto and kale salad on your menu to make people happy. I'm personally not a fan of pretentious food. My mashed potatoes don't need to be garlic, red-skinned smashed. I like french fries smothered in gravy and a bowl of chili.

I'm old school when it comes to restaurant food. I worked at a small town cafe in high school and that is the type of restaurant food I still love today.

At the Crack'd Pot you'll find a bountiful salad bar featuring homemade soups. Where else can you find pork 'n beans AND cottage cheese on the salad bar?  That's my kind SALAD bar.

Crack'd Pot's portions are generous and affordable and the staff is friendly.

At one time, Crack'd Pot had two locations in Sioux Falls. There used to be one in the current Famous Dave's location. If you're a longtime resident of Sioux Falls, you may even remember when the Crack'd Pot was once called KC's Restaurant. The name changed for a short period of time, but it was the same food and owners.

All of the pies are homemade. Some of the favorites are sour cream and raisin and the dutch apple. My personal favorite is the pumpkin pie.

The Crack'd Pot features several different weeknight specials including all-you-can-eat broasted chicken on Wednesdays and all-you-can-eat grilled steak tips on Saturdays.

Are you hungry yet? Crack'd Pot also serves breakfast all day long. The menu has something for everyone - even liver and onions.

If you're trying to decide where to dine out tonight, eat at a locally-owned, family-owned restaurant in Sioux Falls. That's how we keep these iconic restaurants in business.

The Crack'd Pot

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