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I've been talking with a listener for quite a few days about going ice fishing some time.  Understand now, that I don't have any ice fishing equipment.  Heck, I don't even have a license to fish.  Now that I could get, other than that I don't know beans from you know what about ice fishing.

Why the heck do people ice fish anyway?  I don't know if I really see the appeal.  Go out, get cold, get bored go home.  Other than drinking copious amounts of alcohol, (which is why I assume people ice get away and drink) I don't know if I get it.  That's why I want to check it out.

I have a couple great listeners who ice fish.  Both of them have offered to 'go out.'  Here's the deal.  I don't want to waste one of my weekends doing something I might not like, so If I can talk one of them into going out during the day...I figure I could try something, report on it and 'get paid,' for doing my job at the same time.

Now we're talking baseball! 

Now, I just have to talk to 'the guys' and see if we can't put something together.  If I do, expect lots of pictures, maybe some video and some fun radio on Kickin' Country all at the same time.