The other day my son Logan was watching me peel a banana. I noticed he had a quizzical expression on his face so I asked 'what's up.' He retorted, here, you can do that procedure like a monkey and it's actually much easier.

I'm open to most new things so I handed him the banana. He tuned the banana upside down, at least it was upside down to me and low and behold it peeled. Beautifully

There is a multitude of everyday tasks that we seemingly jump into without giving a thought to whether or not that simple chore could be done differently.  After today you can bet that I'll be taking that banana and turning it upside down before peeling it.

How about you. Do you have an everyday task that you perform differently? If you do, I'd love to know 'what it is,' and how you do it, differently. After seeing this video I would wager a bet one thing is certain. Next time you grab a banana, you'll be 'monkey see, monkey do.'


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