I totally saw a UFO on the Fourth of July. Here's what happened. My family and I had just come back to our house in Sioux Falls after the big public fireworks display. It was just after 11:30 PM and I remembered that I needed to put the grill away. It was still out on the patio and I needed to put the cover on it and roll it back into place.

So, I'm in the backyard, it was mostly dark, no streetlights and very few house light in the area. I pushed the grill into place and was facing west.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a red light in the sky. At first I figured it was an airplane. We see and hear several planes on their approach to the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. But, I noticed that the light wasn't flashing and seemed lower than the planes usually are. It was coming out of the south, heading north, moving silent and smooth.

Maybe it was a helicopter, but I didn't see any blades or hear anything. So, the only conclusion that I can come to is that I FINALLY SAW A UFO! Yea buddy!!

And, of course I showed my age, when I just watched it fly over instead of taking video with my phone, which was in my pocket.

I know, I know, it could have an explanation other that aliens or secret government project. Someone I told about this this morning said it was probably a drone getting fireworks video.

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Well, all I can say to that is: Don't take this away from me! It was a UFO. I finally saw a UFO with my own eyes, at my house. All those years of watching The X-Files and YouTube documentaries and listening to Art Bell have to mean something. Um, I ahh, mean, they have paid off.

I saw a UFO in Sioux Falls. It was a red light on the front of a dark shape. It flew silently out of the south over my backyard. Fox Mulder, I am awaiting you call.

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