I'd guess you've probably seen the Tweet that made the Minnesota Vikings scoreboard as part of their #SkolSalute to service on Sunday. I mean there really wasn't much going on down on the field for many Vikings fans to be cheering about, so why not have some fun with the video board?

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Someone tweeted the Minnesota Vikings with the hashtag SkolSalute a picture of a man wearing army fatigues, saying that the image was their cousin and they looked up to them for their heroism and also the pictured soldier was a Vikings fan.

In reality, that fatigue-wearing individual is an adult film star, known as Johnny Sins. Let's just say that it didn't take long for those in attendance to take notice of the error on behalf of the Viking's social media team.

Twitter user @kylerulz4h is now an online legend for getting his 'cousin' onto the screen, and the picture has made the rounds online and has recently become somewhat of an amusing meme on social media.

It's not clear if the Vikings will continue their #SkolSalute tomorrow night for the New England game. But I can imagine that the social media team will be double-checking the Tweets they share on the video board before they make headlines for things that aren't happening out on the field.

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