I knew there was a reason why I liked visiting Kansas City so much. Come to find out, they're just like us. The New York Times recently did a story on which city is most like your own - your twin-city if you will. And, come to find out, our twin is Kansas City.

Qualifications that were used when matching up cities included the local economies, job mix, demand for certain jobs and the average age of the population living there. And when it came to Sioux Falls - Kansas City came out as our #1 twin city.

Despite the difference in population, the research found that the job needs in both cities are very similar. Both Sioux Falls and Kansas City have an unusually high number of health care and retail industries.

The other cities on the list that most resemble Sioux Falls (after Kansas City) is Omaha, Des Moines, Fargo, St. Louis, Louisville, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis and Indianapolis.

To see how other cities ranked, go to the New York Times website.

Source: New York Times

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