You know how it is when you think you know something then you find out you were all wrong? Yeah...this is that.

I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. And like lots of folks I'm always looking for ways to better organize my kitchen space. I have our cupboards as efficiently organized as possible. I think. A place for everything and everything in it's a place...or something like that.

And you know that drawer at the bottom of the stove just under the oven? We keep all our cookie sheets and cutting boards in there. Isn't that what it's for? Turns out, not so much.

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I had my mind blown today when I found out that that drawer under the oven is not for pans, lids, or other kitchen utensils. Do you know what it's really designed for?

According to Business Insider, the big stove cartels put that drawer underneath the over to be used as a warming drawer. It's meant to be used to keep cooked foods warm.

I don't know anyone that knows this. I've asked. Everyone I've confronted with the “Ya know what that drawer at the bottom of the stove is for?” has answered with a version of … “It's to keep pan lids and crap in.”

And another thing...why do I need a special drawer to keep my frozen pizzas and chicken nugs from cooling off?

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