Wednesday I finally bit the bullet and went in to get my hearing checked. My wife had mentioned a time or 70 that she thought maybe I had an issue going on. I asked around at work and was referred to Audiology Specialty Clinic on S. Western Avenue in Sioux Falls.

After filling out some paperwork we talked a little bit about my history health-wise and family history as far as hearing issues were concerned. After that it was off to a soundproof audio booth that would make any radio person envious.

After several tests it was determined that I do indeed have some hearing loss in my left ear. But for my age probably pretty average. I asked if I needed hearing aids and Kristen said probably not at this point. She did have some suggestions though.

Some of the suggestions were maybe having my wife sit on my right side if we're home watching TV at night. That way if she says something I've got a better chance of hearing her with my better hearing ear my right ear.

Another thing, as you get older it's harder to discern what is being said in a crowd where people are talking all around you. That is getting increasingly difficult for me. Again for the time being I'll make sure that I listen with my right ear, and maybe sit at the table if we're in a restaurant where I can better hear the person to my right.

I wish I would have done this when I was 26 and 36 and 46 so I would have a better baseline to determine how much hearing I have lost. My takeaway is, if you think  you have a hearing issue, it's a pretty fascinating process to find out if you do or don't. I say get it done!

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