There has been a lot of talk lately about artificial intelligence and what it means for humanity and life in general. Will AI play nice with us or become self-aware and destroy us like in the Terminator movies? Time will tell, but in the meantime, I thought it would be interesting to ask the most well-known AI chatbot, ChatGPT, how the technology can be used in Sioux Falls.

The first thing ChatGPT tells me is it doesn't have real-time access to current projects or developments in Sioux Falls. It goes on to list a few ways in which AI can be used in a city like Sioux Falls.

1. Traffic management: ChatGPT says, "AI algorithms can be used to monitor traffic signals and adjust the timing of lights in real time based on traffic flow." It also claims that it could "predict and prevent accidents."

Can it fix the timing of the traffic lights at Western Ave and I-229 during rush hour? 

2. Predictive maintenance: Catty Cathy says, "AI algorithms can be used to monitor and maintain city infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and water systems."

And when AI becomes self-aware it can turn off your power if you don't act right. 

3. Public safety: The T-800 says, "AI can be used to analyze crime patterns and predict areas where crimes are likely to occur. This can help law enforcement agencies to better allocate their resources and prevent crimes from happening."

Have you seen the movie Minority Report? This concept doesn't end well. 

4. Energy management: HAL 9000 says, "AI algorithms can be used to optimize energy consumption in public buildings and streetlights, reducing energy costs and the city's carbon footprint."

In other words, if you have your AC cranked in the summer and HAL thinks you don't need it, it can shut you off. 

5. Customer service: The chatty McChatbot says, "AI-powered chatbots can be used to answer citizen queries and provide information about city services, reducing the workload on customer service agents."

Can it do this with a stereotypical "American Midwestern" accent? That's all I ask. 

It goes on to finish by saying, "Overall, AI can be used in many different ways to improve city services and the quality of life for citizens."

Maybe now is the time we hit "Ctrl+Alt+Del" on this AI idea while we still can.


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