Hunter Hayes' "Heartbreak" lyrics tell a tale of heartbreak from a unique, positive perspective.

"Heartbreak" is Hayes' first official single since 2016. He tells People he was inspired to write the song after his breakup with his longtime girlfriend, Libby Barnes. The singer-songwriter approached the lyrics like a love letter he was writing to a love he had not met yet.

“It was a combination of things — me really wanting to write to that person, but me also really wanting to just explain what I was going through on the search,” he says. “I started writing it on my trip to Hawaii at the beginning of last year, where I sat on the edge of the ocean and wrote nearly two pages of lyrics that approached a love letter to someone I’ve never met.”

Hunter was so invigorated by writing the song that he "scrapped everything" that he had recorded over the last four years for an upcoming album and started over, and the result is a collection that he feels truly represents what he's been going through over the past few years.

“I said, ‘This is the record I want to make,’ I named the album and I gave myself a clear picture of where I wanted to go topic wise and what I wanted to talk about,” he reflects.

The 27-year-old expects to release his third studio album in 2019. He has not yet announced a title or further details.

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Hunter Hayes' "Heartbreak" Lyrics:

Another almost perfect / Didn't work but totally worth it / Better to have loved and lost my mind than lose the nerve to even try / Another conversation awkward but the ice is breaking / I've been in some sh-t relationships but I remain an optimist / It's not a game I'm playing, it's not a thrill I'm chasing / Well like a space I'm saving and I don't even know your name.

But if it gets me to you then it ain't wasted time / But every so close I'm closer to the rest of my life.

Another bad first date / Another nothing left to say / What I mean is the way I'm seeing I'm one heartbreak closer to you Ooo  / You Ooo.

Hey baby / Can I call you baby / Is that okay / I don't even know you but I can't wait to know you someday / Imagine someday when we look back I'll thank my past for giving me my future better half / I'm sorry for the time it's taking but I'm gonna make it worth the waiting / And all this strong love that I learned from was just practice for the right one.

Repeat Chorus

Another just got played / A shot of bourbon for the pain / What I mean is the way I see it I'm one heartbreak closer to you Ooo / You Ooo.

It's kinda strange to miss / Someone I haven't met yeah / Someone I haven't kissed yeah/ But I'll go through it all.

Repeat Chorus 

Another sad goodbye /  Another sleepless night / What I mean is the way I'm seeing I'm one heartbreak closer to you Ooo / You Ooo / You Ooo / One heartbreak closer to you.

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