Anyone who has lived in the state of South Dakota for an extended period is very familiar with the fact that the Rushmore State is a fairly conservative place to live.

That's why when I unearthed this little nugget of information the other day, I was shocked, to say the least. Supposedly, South Dakota is actually quite liberal when it comes to its sunbathing laws, even for the fairer sex.

In other words, guys aren't the only ones legally allowed to sunbathe topless!

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God, I love South Dakota! (Okay, maybe not so much September through April, but May through August, I give our state a BIG thumbs up!)

Can this be true, you are really allowed to show your privates in public in South Dakota?

Well, that's where things begin to get a bit more complicated.

When it comes to public nudity, here is how the state defines Public Indecency and Private Indecent Exposure laws.

According to, Public Indecency in South Dakota is described this way:

"Under circumstances in which a person knows that his or her conduct is likely to annoy, offend, or alarm some other person, it is illegal to expose his or her anus or genitals in a public place where another may be present who will be annoyed, offended, or alarmed by the person's act."

Public indecency is classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor in South Dakota. 

Here is how the state defines its Private Indecent Exposure laws:

"In South Dakota a person commits the crime of private indecent exposure if they expose their genitals with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of the person or another person. The person is in a place where another person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. The person is in view of the other person. The exposure reasonably would be expected to annoy, offend, or alarm the other person, and finally, the person knows that the other person didn't consent to the exposure."

Private Indecent Exposure is a Class 1 misdemeanor in South Dakota and is not punishable if the person who commits the act described above cohabits with or is involved in a sexually intimate relationship with the other person.

Can Women Go Topless in South Dakota?

Okay, so circling back to the topic at hand, are the women of South Dakota really able to bust out the twins in their backyard on a hot summer day?

In an article from, the simple answer is yes, if you don't go topless with the intention to offend or arouse. So, basically, in the eyes of South Dakota law, if your true intention is one of ensuring you want to eliminate your tan lines, the girls are green-lighted for a play day outdoors.

<p>So, basically, in the eyes of South Dakota law, if your true intention is one of ensuring you want to eliminate your tan lines, the girls are green-lighted for a play day outdoors</p><p> </p>

Now, if you attempt to expose your "lower" private parts in a public place, that is a whole different story. Should you try that little stunt, you're probably gonna want to have a good lawyer on speed dial because I'm guessing it won't have a happy ending. No pun intended.


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