Mel works down the hall at Hot 104.7.  We wanted to share her post with you!

As I walked into the mall Wednesday I noticed a car parked all wonky. A normal sight when you go to the mall after it snows. But is it really that hard to park straight and in some what of a normal fashion?

Being a part time mall employee I go to work at the mall a couple times a week. Even more during this time of year. It baffles me that when I look down the row of cars and it looks like a big "S" during the winter time.

Someone was as tired of it as me and left a note on a sticker for a REALLY bad offender! This makes me want to buy stickers and keep them in my van for people like this! This car 100% deserved this sticker! Check out the picture below.

All I can say is: LEARN HOW TO PARK!

Mel Hot 104.7
Mel Hot 104.7