The bible teaches us to "Love thy neighbor as thyself." But, how much do you really love your neighbor?

Myself, I have some great neighbors where I live here in Sioux Falls. I would be happy to help any of them in a time of need.

But let's be honest, it's one thing to loan your neighbor's wife a cup of sugar, but what about if she and her husband come knocking for cash, lots of cash?

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It reminds me of that scene from the original "Vacation" movie when cousin Eddie hits up Clark for money. Eddie asks Clark if he can spare a little extra cash. "Sure Eddie, how much do you need? About 52 thousand dollars?"

Where do you draw the line at generosity?

A company called Windows USA recently conducted a national survey regarding the most generous states here in the US. The findings revealed that 77% of Americans say they would be willing to take in their neighbor if their neighbors home became unlivable.

The survey also showed that we South Dakotans are a damn site more generous than our counterparts up in North Dakota. The average South Dakota resident is willing to loan a neighbor nearly $50.00 in a time of need, compared to the paltry $16.26 North Dakotans are willing to cough up.

However, we South Dakotans shouldn't be too quick to start patting each other on the back. We flame out in the generosity department compared to our neighbors in Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

The average person in Nebraska would loan a neighbor around $99.00. Iowans rank a bit higher on the generosity scale at $167.00, and Minnesota is by far the most generous of our neighboring states. The average Minnesotan said they would be happy to loan a neighbor nearly $300.00 in a time of need. I guess the term "Minnesota Nice" is really a thing, huh?

If you're looking for really generous neighbors, head north to Alaska. According to the Windows USA survey, the typical person in Alaska is willing to give a down on their luck neighbor around $706.00. Now, that's my kind of neighbor. It pays to live in Alaska, I guess.

You can take a look at the generosity map from the Windows USA survey here to see how willing the average American is from state to state to lend a hand.

Source: Windows USA

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